Giving Back

I want to give something back to all the amazing individuals who are missing loved ones this holiday.

We lost our son suddenly 1/11/17 he was only 17 yrs old . The holidays are so hard.

I found myself the first Christmas without him at Target shopping for candy for our kids Christmas stockings. I picked 4 of everything. Then suddenly realized I only had to buy 3 now. Angels don’t need candy.

As the tears fell down my cheek a stranger stopped. He was elderly. He asked if I was okay. I pulled it together. I told him. How do I buy an Angel, my son, a gift in heaven? He told me he lost his wife 10 years ago. And still puts her stocking up. He writes her a letter every year. And still places it in her stocking.

I went home and wrote to Daniel. I was in tears that first letter. But it was healing, if that makes sense. Last year I wrote him again and placed it in his stocking. Tears still.

Last year the letter was about how much his little sister has grown and his brothers. How his dad and I love him and miss him. The letter was different from the first. I was growing.

God I miss him. I told him how we wanted to start a foundation to help kids and have his legacy live on.

This year I’m writing him with more strength and courage than ever. I’m going to let him know his foundation is reaching kids every day. And he had to pass so others can grow. I’m going to tell him how strong his siblings are and again how much we love and miss him. I’m going to tell him how proud of him we are… I can’t give him a gift under the tree, but he knows I give him a Christmas letter still for his stocking. It’s healing for me and I can give him something again for Christmas .

It doesn’t take away the pain . But my letter to him, his gift from mom, makes the holidays a bit normal again.

Just thought I’d a share . A Christmas gift for your angels.


PHOTO CREDIT: Jody Root of Angel Graphic Designs created this photo for us. We are very grateful for her kindness.

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