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“Daniels Song”, the OSHA high school training course, is dedicated to the memory of our son – Daniel J. Bastien Jr. AKA“DJ”.

Daniel held his OSHA 10 and 30 certification. He started his OSHA training at 15 years old. At 17, he had his OSHA 30 certificate. He was an assistant trainer for OSHA classes.

Daniel was a member of a Michigan union. Safety was his priority. He was a son, he was a brother and a best friend. He spoiled his 10 year old baby sister with each pay check he earned. He was a talented musician, there was not an instrument he could not play. He had the most beautiful voice. Daniel composed music. He was a loyal friend.

Daniel & sister Cia

On the first day of his new job he posted on his Instagram “First Day of a Fresh Start!” He posted a photo of himself in his safety gear ready for the work force. He was excited about his future. He was proud. He had faced many challenges in his young life. This was his fresh start.

No one knew that a month and four days later ….Daniel would be dead. His family and friends never got the chance to say Goodbye! Daniel’s amazing voice, his song was never finished. And now young adults can complete his song!

In his memory we are dedicating our time and resources to offer students the same opportunity that Daniel treasured.