We can’t thank Daniel’s Song enough for the wonderful opportunity they have provided our students at FlexTech. Diann and Dan do an amazing job delivering the OSHA 10 material in a way that is both engaging and meaningful to teenagers. Throughout the class, I watched as students gained knowledge and confidence. Students were so proud to receive their OSHA 10 certifications. We are excited to see what next steps lie ahead as our OSHA graduates take the skills gained out into the workforce and beyond.
Jennifer Gambrel, LPC, NCC
School Counselor

Such an amazing opportunity for students. Thank you FlexTech for donating the space and time. But mostly Thank You Daniels Song for this beautiful extension of love and grace to benefit so many lives for advancement into the work Force.
Kimberly S.

When I was offered my OSHA 10 safety class I didn’t realize how big of an impact it would have on my life until I finished the course. This is definitely once in a life time type of course when they offer it in school.

There was a lot of opportunities that opened up after I received my OSHA certification – it was amazing, I’ve been able to get a head start into the life I wanted. This is definitely a class you don’t want to miss. – Nicholas

Thank you for presenting the 10 hour OSHA safety class at The Bridge Alternative High School. My son participated and learned so much. Along with maintaining safe practices at his part time job at a local fast food restaurant, he is constantly observing his surroundings for potential hazards. I’m very proud of him for taking safety seriously. He even tells me, “Mom, you need to stop doing that. It’s not safe. Do it this way instead.” The positive impact you have had with my son has resulted in him learning valuable work skills which he is using in all aspects of his life.

Julie H. (Hargenrader)

One of the things I loved about the OSHA 10 class was the reinforcement that we have rights as workers to be properly trained for our positions and with the equipment that we are required to use for our work.

James (Hargenrader)

I knew a little about OSHA before I was accepted into the course . After participating in the program I was really impressed . We learned about our rights to advocate for our safety on the job . We also learned that it’s important to not attack our employer if we see an unsafe situation but we can help educate them on better and safer work conditions . I got a raise after I took my 10 Hr OSHA and I am going to take my 30 hr in the Spring . It was a fun class and the exercises we participate in really made us think .

Max B. Age 14