Daniel’s dedication video:

What do we do:
We offer free OSHA 10 and 30 hour safety training and certification courses to young adults in high school . Upon completion of the courses the individual participating high schools may award ½ to 1 full high school credit to students who complete the courses.

How we do it:
High schools can apply for Daniel’s Song OSHA program and upon acceptance we schedule the OSHA 10 or 30 hour course. We are able to accept 40 interested students per session. There is NO cost to the student.

Cost for registration, OSHA certification per student, materials,breakfast, lunches and student awards and raffles comes from school sponsorship, community and corporate donations.

Who we are:
Dan Bastien, an authorized OSHA outreach trainer, volunteers his time in the classroom and as a counselor for the program.

Diann Bastien volunteers her time to coordinate the program with high school teachers and counselors.

For whom do we do it:
Our sole purpose for creating this program is to provide young adults with useful job skills.

Our pilot program was launched in 2018 at Brighton Bridge alternative High School in Michigan. Every student completing the course did so with 100% on their final exam and received a diploma.. Shortly afterwards parents and students were invited to a special graduation celebration where students receive the official ID OSHA certification, registration card from OSHA.

What value are we bringing:
These OSHA certificates have meaning in the real world. It means greater job opportunities. It means respect for the individual who can present them. It builds self respect. It is a foot in the door of many life opportunities.

Because OSHA courses are intended to prevent accidents and increase safety awareness at the worksite, students taking these courses not only acquire a sense of responsibility and courage to speak up but also are prepared to take a place on a work team where they are needed. It directs them in a path to future success.